WELCOME! We are Deborah Shelley, the writing team of Deborah Mazoyer and Shelley Mosley. Contrary to a popular urban legend, we are not one person, as evidenced by the fact that we can be in two different places at the same time. Our collectively myopic writers’ group gave up trying to tell us apart years ago, and now refers to both of us as “Shebbie.” Since Shelley is an Amazonic 5’10” who has finally embraced her inner redhead and Deb is a good eight inches shorter with an explosion of natural (just in case you were wondering) blonde curls, we can see their dilemma. Our mothers, who have always been able to tell us apart, are ecstatic that you’re reading this.
– Debbie and Shelley

A Romantic Comedy About Two People Who Really Need Lessons In Love!

“ …brimming with sassy humor, snappy dialog, and intriguing family dynamics.” –Library Journal

“sweet, sparkling and splendidly humorous.” –Chicago Tribune

“…smart and instructive, cute and charming sweet romance.”

“…a charming premise.” –BookPage. Named a Notable Title.

“…lots of fun, don’t miss it!” –Romance Reviews Today

“…a breezy and fun romance with touches of heartfelt emotion and splashes of zany.”
–Once Upon a Romance

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