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Marriage 101–a romantic comedy about two people who desperately need lessons in love.

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Romancing the Holidays: Vol 1
Love Stories Throughout the Year
Contemporary/Historical/Time Travel Romances
Romancing the Holidays is the first of two volumes.
In this heartwarming collection, ten talented authors
blend the spirit of days to remember with love stories
you’ll never forget.

  • Deborah Shelley
    “Falling for You”
    A young man tumbles head-over-heels for a modern-day Esther during the Jewish holiday Purim.

Other Contributors

  • Belmont Delange
  • Barbara White-Rayczek
  • Pamela Johnson
  • Carrie Weaver
  • Su Kopil
  • Cathy McDavid
  • Karen L. Williams
  • Trudy Doolittle
  • Christine Eaton Jones
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“The Love stories vary from the unusual to plot favorites…
In the exuberant story “Falling for You” by Deborah Shelley the hero falls for Tovah Levy when he sees her scantily dressed to play Queen Esther on Purim. They celebrate love and provide high-level entertainment, plus they’re the perfect length to read during lunch or coffee break.”4 Stars-Romantic Times “This delightful series of short stories centers on the holidays
- and love. Every one of them is well written, extremely romantic and completely
absorbing. These ten stories are all penned by fine authors who have made short
story writing an art — don’t miss out on this collection!”Romance Reviews Today “Falling for You” from Romancing the Holidays–“A sweet love story that just goes to show, a random act of kindness can result in the greatest reward of all.” The Romance Journal
Holt Medallion Finalist!
The Golden Synopsis Contest:First Place Winner
Talk About Love
Love at first citation…

Stephanie knows about the law. Considering her four older brothers are 4 of Phoenix’s finest policemen— four good reasons to get out on her own. A position as head librarian in the small town of River’s Edge is just what she needs. When the town’s Chief of Police pulls her over for speeding, Stephanie finds herself back in the arms of the law. She just never expected those arms to look so good.

Police Chief Scott Forrest is 6 feet of badge-wearing brawn, who takes his job as town guardian very seriously. But when he discovers that the sexiest moving violation on record is also his new neighbor, he doesn’t know whether to throw the book at her or convince her that romance is the ticket.

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Talk About Love

“Filled with zingy dialog (including a few priceless one-liners),
appealing characters, and brash upfront humor, this short, fast-paced story
provides plenty of small-town atmosphere and a love story that will have readers
chuckling all the way to the altar. The excerpts from the gossip column add
a particularly charming touch. A refreshing addition to the lighter side of
the romance genre.”

Library Journal

“Sly comments from an anonymous columnist at the local newspaper,
witty dialog and a good dose of humor keep the reader smiling throughout the
romantic adventure.”

Glendale Star

It’s in His Kiss
Just like a man…

When architect Patrick Godwin asked to see the man in charge of J.S. construction he was not expecting a woman. Clearly, Jaqueline Santiago, who has a face like an angel and an attitude that can freeze the desert sun, is not amused by his mistake. Patrick’s first instinct is to take the next plane back to the east coast, but if he wants to win his industry’s most prestigious design award he is stuck for the next 6 months in the blazing Phoenix sun with the ice queen herself.

Having just been dumped by her two-timing fiancé, ambitious Jacki is wary about men—all men. But Patrick is handsome, and Jacki is wondering if she’s been too hasty in swearing off men and marriage.

My Favorite Flavor
Someone’s in the Kitchen

A public weigh-in in the company cafeteria! Professional ice cream taster Tess Samuels finds it as appealing as a gritty spinach salad without dressing. But, thanks to a new corporate policy she must step on the scale and learn that—no surprise—she needs to loose a few pounds. Enter Pure Heart Catering and its CEO, Zack Ferrera. His gourmet cooking is temptation itself, and so is his noticeably delicious body…

Delighted by Tess’s luscious curves yet determined to change her decadent eating habits, Zack has his work cut out for him, especially since she has vowed never to forgive him for throwing out all her junk food. But he knows that a little spice never hurt a lady.

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My Favorite Flavor

“Lively, relevant, and funny.”
—What Do I Read Next?

One Starry Night
Up in the heavens

Cassie Roman is a free spirit, she’s also psychic, and she knows that astronomer Charles O’Ryan is the man for her. It is written in the stars—they are meant to be together. Even if Charles is a distinguished scientist who does not believe in the ancient art of astrology, he can’t fight fate.

Charles, the ever-practical scientist, fell in love the moment he spotted Cassie’s heavenly body through his telescope. Cassie is a vision of loveliness… intuitive, sensitive, and uncannily able to predict what will be. And Charles can’t resist her.